Number one tip for City 2 Surf this weekend

Aug 6, 2013

Do you know what day is the busiest day of the year for physiotherapy and massage clinics in Sydney?

Maybe you guessed it… The highest volume of phone calls comes on the Monday after the City to Surf.

From broken and injured entrants…



Because most of the competitors haven’t prepared properly.

This doesn’t just mean people haven’t trained enough. Most of the time people have over trained, too hard, too late.

The result is that they beginning the event super tight.

This is a recipe for injury and certainly decreases the enjoyment on the day.



Don’t wait until after the run to book you massage.

If you want to crack a PB or maximise your chance of avoiding injury, get a massage in the week prior.


The fantastic team at Get Active Physio still have some appointments available this week.

Book now on 1300 8 9 10 11


If you know someone who is running on Sunday… Do them a favour and share this.