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Stress Relief

Sports Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Definition: To lessen the intensity of unpleasant feelings

Synonyms: Relieve, Alleviate, Soothe, Calm

Pronounced: uh-swayge


Remedial Massage Therapy

Specialising in:

  • Pre and post natal Pregnancy massage; Relieving muscular pains associated with pregnancy
  • Sports massage; Performance maximisation, Injury prevention (& treatment).
  • Stress relief; Applying relaxation techniques while decreasing muscle tension.
  • Pain relief; Assuaging pain caused by tight muscles.

For more details on qualifications, experience and philosophies please follow the link to about us

We focus on educating our patients. Helping you learn how to increase muscle health, and giving you the tools to decrease the speed/intensity with which muscular pain returns.

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